Welcome to NTA betting , where we simply live tennis, all day every day.

We have one goal: to provide you with as much profit as possible with our free expert tennis betting advice.

We do plan to start charging a subscription fee for our tips in 2013, but we want to make sure you have ample time to fully evaluate our service before deciding if it’s right for you, so it’s 100% free for the rest of the year, no strings attached.

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Though we’ve been in the game and highly successful for a long time, we’re not going to present you with a beautiful looking spreadsheet full of years of profitable results.

As you probably know these can easily be manufactured, and the only way to truly gauge the profitability of any betting service is by proofing live betting results in real time. Therefore, the only results we will display are those achieved since our service went live on August 1st, 2012.

To take a look at the live service results to date, just click on the results tab at the top of this page and download our Excel spreadsheet.


We are exclusively focused on the match odds market (win or lose) and do not offer bets on the handicap or over/under total games lines.

The vast majority of our tips are from men’s ATP events, though we will have the occasional bet from women’s WTA tournaments.

All of our tips and recorded results are presented as lay bets that the selected player will NOT win. This is just our personal preference, as we prefer having a fixed level of profit for each winning bet and a variable level of loss from our rare losing bets.

If you are in a location where lay betting is banned or you just dislike laying, that’s no problem, as you can certainly use a conventional bookmaker and back the opponents of our lay selections to win.

For lay betting we recommend a 40 point betting bank to start, while if backing a 20 point bank should be sufficient.


Bets will be sent by email once per day. The time of day when the email is sent may vary considerably from week to week as the tour moves around the world and all its time zones.

 At the start of each week we’ll let you know roughly what time you can expect to receive the bets each day depending on tournament location, and we’ll always get our tips to you as early as possible so you have enough time to get all the bets in.


Unlike many betting services, we’ll always be happy to hear from you.

If you have any questions or comments just pop them in an email to support@freetennistips.net and we’ll get back to you ASAP.